“WAR IS A RACKET” General Smedley Butler

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“Organic State” and it’s role during Dark Ages and “Feudal” Rivalry and alliances during “Medieval Period”.

Feudalism  and The Modern State   

It is obvious if one listened to Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira) the world would without a doubt be largest feudal system known to man.

Revive the Spirit of 1776 instead!!

There is a consistent and ongoing plan to bring down American “Exceptionalism,” both  economically and militarily, but many fail to understand her role in the economic feudal system.    While America was initially created as “Free Market,” the slow infiltration of private banks and enthroned corporations has put us in the position that we now  find ourselves  in: a  command economic system. In a command economic system or planned economy, the government controls the economy. The state decides how to use and distribute resources. The government regulates prices and wages; it may even determine what sorts of work individuals do. Background and history of money changers and usury.

Early History of Commerce Trade Control

Can we trace the history of  the tyrannical control of commerce and trade  to  its origin ?

Total Economic Power in history involved religion leading to religious tyranny.  Could the “War on Terror play into this?  While the right have already passed “Noahide Laws” the left  is undeniably working toward their goal of Sharia Law.    See the History of Muslims and Ancient Assyrians. We now have global effort for “Noahide Laws” in progress.

Using history as our guide  did the periods of total religious, commerce, military, and economic result in freedom?

Whether “Noahide Laws” reviving Solomon’s economic kingdom at at that time or Assyrian (Muslim) history of Ancient Babylon either will lead to 21st Century Babylon and Tower of Babel.

The facts are here if we study it out and look at history.

King Solomon’s fall and the connection to the history of King of Tyre  in building of Temple  but global commerce and trade. King Solomon need Queen of Sheba’s products for commerce.

King Solomon made alliances with King of Tyre. The Prince of Tyre was a human, while the King of Tyre was actually was Satan, pulling the string in the earthly realm.
King Solomon made alliances with King of Tyre. The Prince of Tyre was human but he was rebuked by God in Ezekiel 28, while the King of Tyre was actually was Satan, pulling the string in the earthly realm. This can be understood using Gen. Clausewitz “Paradoxical Trinity”.

Is  the “Ecumenical” and “Messiah Essence” theology destined for failure when compared to world history?   Is America’s freedoms endowed by man? #ENDOWEDBYTHEIRCREATOR. 

Are we heading toward religious tyranny and deception on a global scale?

“…..and who knows where mythology leaves off and history begins”  Saul Alinsky “Rules For Radicals” dedication to Lucifer

King Solomon, Israel and Phonetician Empire (Tyre) worked together to build Solomon’s temple.

Commercial Enterprises: Trade with other nations was another of Solomon’s contributions to the nation of Israel. The international situation was favorable for a strong leader to emerge in Palestine; traditional centers of strength in Egypt and Syria were at an all-time low. Solomon entered into trade agreements with a number of nations, increasing Israel’s wealth and prestige.

Although Solomon had a strong army, he relied upon a system of treaties with his neighbors to keep the peace. Egypt was allied with Israel through the marriage of Solomon to the daughter of the Pharaoh. The sea-faring cities of Tyre and Sidon were also united to Israel by trade agreements.

Some of Israel’s trade was conducted overland by way of camel caravans. But the most significant trade was by sea across the Mediterranean Sea through an alliance with Tyre. Solomon’s ships apparently went as far west as Spain to bring back silver. Archaeologists have discovered an old mine in ancient Ethiopia that is believed to have been one of Solomon’s sources of silver.

Soon Solomon became the ruler of a huge commercial empire. Archaeologists believe that Solomon’s trading may have brought him into conflict with the Queen of Sheba. One purpose of her famous visit to Solomon may have been to establish trade agreements between Solomon’s kingdom and her own nation (I Kings 10:1-13).

Globalization and it’s effect on U.S. economy and employment.

If you’re  unaware that the U.S. is broke at $17+ Trillion dollars in debt and lower interest rate to Rothschild Central Banking scheme you are behind the curve.  While BO stated he would end K Street Lobbyist  stranglehold on D.C., he’s only eliminated the opposition.

What is the Presidents Club and Carlyle Group. Are they intertwined?

Bill Clinton’s globalization plan. What did he really do?

Bill Clinton renewed China favored country status. Was Hillary Clinton on Walmart board of directors prior to WH terms??

Do Clinton’s have ties with global foreign influence?

How has U.S. Oligarchy contributed to global economic crisis?  Hillary and elites “Istanbul Process” how will it achieve lefts goal of “Hashem” by 

Recently Bill Clinton did (paid I’m sure) speech for Peter Peterson Foundation  

during which he laughed and joked at Hillary’s  health problems.  According to Peterson Foundation corporations only paid 10% of total federal income tax revenue.  Houston, Do we have a problem here?

What is the Eurasian Economic Union?   What role did U.S. play into union/treaty?      The Ukrainian Crisis  and who was involved.

Will EEU allow Erdogen’s request to enter?  This would revive the head of old Turkish-Ottoman Empire taken down in WW1. Constantinople was renamed Istanbul after WW1?

We Must study and understand history to prevent it’s mistakes!  Think twice act once life has no dress rehearsals!

Islam’s Global Domination



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