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Is it not evident Gen. Clauswitz reversed Founding Father’s “Paradoxical Trinity” [In The Name of The Holy Undivided Trinity] to incite Revolution rather than Liberty and Freedom?   If Gen. Clausewitz theory is based on primordial violence, hatred, and enmity is this opposite of harmony and tranquility?
The definition of a CoG is “the source of power that provides moral or physical strength, freedom of action, or will to act.”[2] Thus, the center of gravity is usually seen as the “source of strength”.   DoD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. Joint Publication 1-02. 2008.
Of the 27 Grievances listed in Declaration of Independence Taxes was #17. Most listed grievance was “Overreach of Power”. Paragraph written by Thomas Jefferson but voted out.  “He [King George III] has waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating its most sacred rights of life and liberty in the persons of a distant people who never offended him, captivating a- Thomas and carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere or to He [King incur miserable death in their transportation thither. … Determined to keep open a market where men should be bought and sold, he has prostituted his negative for suppressing every legislative attempt to prohibit or to restrain this execrable commerce [slave trade].” Jefferson, “The Writings of Thomas Jefferson “, Albert Ellery Bergh, editor (Washington, D. C.: Thomas Jefferson Memorial Assoc., 1903), Vol. I, p. 34.


Ω”IN THE NAME OF THE HOLY UNDIVIDED TRINITY”  starts are The Paris Treaty signed September 3, 1787  with Britain officially ending Revolutionary War.  Ω

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 What did those words really mean to signers of Constitution??  What happened to the signers?  #30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”   Communist Goals for America

The Battle of Yorktown was the last major battles before the signing of the Treaty of Paris in September of 1783. During the signing, the British were asked to pose for a painting for the history books, but they refused to face forward. The painting is still incomplete. Update:

Until 2008 Paris Treaty painting remained unfinished as Britian refused to sit for painting by Benjamin West
Until 2008 Paris Treaty painting remained unfinished as Britain refused to sit for painting by Benjamin West
 “The Sacred Rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for among old parchments or musty records. They are written, as with a sunbeam, in the whole volume of human nature, by the Hand of the Divinity itself, and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power”.
And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God? 
Alexander Hamilton (An essay, “The Farmer Refuted,” 1775) (Note: entire passage in capital letters in the original.)
Thomas Jefferson (“Notes on the State of Virginia,” 1782)


James Madison Father of Bill of Rights
James Madison Father of Bill of Rights
“God who gave us life gave us liberty.  And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties ARE the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with his wrath!  Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever. That a revolution of the wheel of fortune, a change of situation is among possible events, that it may be possible by supernatural influence”. James Madison  The Almighty has no attribute which can take side with us in that event!!   Notes on the State of Virginia Query XVIII, p. 237


 “Because we hold it for a fundamental and undeniable truth, “that religion or the duty which we owe to our Creator and the manner of discharging it, can be directed only by reason and conviction, not by force or violence.” The Religion then of every man must be left to the conviction and conscience of every man; and it is the right of every man to exercise it as these may dictate. This right is in its nature an unalienable right. It is unalienable, because the opinions of men, depending only on the evidence contemplated by their own minds cannot follow the dictates of other men: It is unalienable also, because what is here a right towards men, is a duty towards the Creator. It is the duty of every man to render to the Creator such homage and such only as he believes to be acceptable to him. This duty is precedent, both in order of time and in degree of obligation, to the claims of Civil Society. Before any man can be considered as a member of Civil Society, he must be considered as a subject of the Governour of the Universe: And if a member of Civil Society, do it with a saving of his allegiance to the Universal Sovereign. We maintain therefore that in matters of Religion, no man’s right is abridged by the institution of Civil Society and that Religion is wholly exempt from its cognizance. True it is, that no other rule exists, by which any question which may divide a Society, can be ultimately determined, but the will of the majority; but it is also true that the majority may trespass on the rights of the minority.” –  James Madison Memorial and Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments, 1785
“It is impossible for the man of pious reflection not to perceive in it [the Constitution] a finger of that Almighty hand which has been so frequently and signally extended to our relief in the critical stages of the revolution.” – James Madison Federalist Papers, No. 37, January 11, 1788
“Besides the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, the existence of subordinate governments, to which the people are attached and by which the militia officers are appointed, forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of.” – James Madison Federalist Papers, No. 48, February 1, 1788
“Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprize, every expanded prospect.” – Letter to William Bradford, April 1, 1774
“The eyes of the world being thus on our Country, it is put the more on its good behavior, and under the greater obligation also, to do justice to the Tree of Liberty by an exhibition of the fine fruits we gather from it.” – Letter to James Monroe, December 16, 1824

Many revisionists have stated all the Founding Father’s were deists.  How can that be logical when in Declaration of Independence they appealed to “Supreme Judge of The World”?  Benjamin Franklin stated in his speech on Constitutional Floor call to prayer     Benjamin Franklin

“….In this situation of this Assembly groping as it were in the dark to find political truth, and scarce able to distinguish it when to us, how has it happened, Sir, that we have not hitherto once thought of humbly applying to the Father of lights to illuminate our understandings? In the beginning of the contest with G. Britain, when we were sensible of danger we had daily prayer in this room for the Divine Protection. — Our prayers, Sir, were heard, and they were graciously answered. All of us who were engaged in the struggle must have observed frequent instances of a Superintending providence in our favor. To that kind providence we owe this happy opportunity of consulting in peace on the means of establishing our future national felicity. And have we now forgotten that powerful friend? or do we imagine that we no longer need His assistance.
I have lived, Sir, a long time and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth — that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid? We have been assured, Sir, in the sacred writings that “except the Lord build they labor in vain that build it.” I firmly believe this; and I also believe that without his concurring aid we shall succeed in this political building no better than the Builders of Babel….”

Largest granite monument in U.S. called “Founding Father’s Monument” i.e.

“MATRIX OF LIBERTY”  “Monumental” by Kirk Cameron