We are unconscious victims of a spiritual attack

“Sin is the Secret Weapon of the Cabalists”


The Cabalists’ Secret Weapon – Sin

“…..and who knows where mythology leaves off and history begins” from Saul Alinsky “Rules For Radicals” dedication to Lucifer

“You have become addicted to our medicine through which we have become your absolute masters…”     “The very moment you seek happiness outside yourselves (our spiritual connection to God), you will become our servants.” How is the Elite Oligarchy, aka the Cabalists, winning the war for the minds of the people? Not exactly a new strategy…ever heard of the Oracle of Delphi or the Pincer Strategy?

Psychological Warfare,  Antonio Gramsci’s “Hegemony” integrate part of Psychological Subversion. 

Gramsci’s “Hegemony” used in political, commercial and cultural as “social-engineering”.    Television has replaced “Oracles of Delphi”.

Cabal control by drugs
  PHARMACEU'TICAL, adjective [Gr. to practice witchcraft or use medicine; poison or medicine.] Pertaining to the knowledge or art of pharmacy, or to the art of preparing medicines. Daniel Webster's 1828 Dictionary

The biggest issue with Carr’s book is his view on Thomas Jefferson.  Only Founding Father thus far in my research with proven ties to “Illuminati”/banks/Money Lenders was Alexander Hamilton starting “Bank of America”.  Link to letter and you make your own conclusions.  Americans and the world need to start thinking for themselves.  There is “Facts are stubborn things” and always “Trumps” theory.   George Washington used most by Freemasons for increased membership.  What were the letters from Rev. Snyder to George Washington addressing John Robinson’s book “Proofs of A Conspiracy” (1798) and Illuminati.    

Jacobinism mentioned by George Washington in letters above giving reference to group of Illuminati Revolutionaries led by Jacob Frank.

“Illuminati” is listed in Daniel Webster’s  dictionary.

 “Pawns in the Game:

A Satanic conspiracy to control the world”

First printed in 1954, “Pawns in the Game” is the best single work available on the evil conspiracy that has been responsible for the devastating wars and continuing conflicts of the past century, and which is now close to its ultimate goal of total world domination through a dictatorial One World Government.

Pawns in the Game is written by William Guy Carr (1895-1959), a noted author who had a distinguished career as a Canadian naval officer, including outstanding service during World War II. The book begins as follows:

William Guy Carr

“Here is a TRUE story of international intrigue, romance, corruption, graft, and political assassinations, the like of which has never been written before. It is the story of how different groups or atheistic-materialistic men have played in an international chess tournament to decide which group would win ultimate control of the wealth, natural resources, and man-power of the entire world. It is explained how the game has reached the final stage. The International Communists, and the International Capitalists, (both of whom have totalitarian ambitions) have temporarily joined hands to defeat Christian-democracy.

“Pawns in the Game” Pdf link


Israel’s failure to leave gods of Egypt  “Star of Remphan”.

Amos 5:26-27, “ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god which ye made to yourselves.” Acts 7:42-43

 Solomon’s alliance with “Prince of Tyre” and Phoenician “King of Tyre/Hiarm. King Hiarm of Tyre to supplied  rare “Cedars from Lebanon” to Solomon.  Solomon rather than follow the path of David his father chose to marry his enemies and make alliances.  

“The Lower keys of Solomon”, inspired ,  trade alliance with King Hiarm inspired modern Masonry and Cabalists history.   Solomon taxed Israelites with 666 talents of gold for the temple.  International Trade Agreements is nothing new.  Was God’s intentions to make unholy alliances or to provide for Israel based on their obedience?

Through your widespread trade you were filled with violence, and you sinned. So I drove you in disgrace from the mount of God, and I expelled you, guardian cherub, from among the fiery stones. Ezekiel 28:16 

The empires and dynasties of China, Byzantine, Abbasid Caliphates  established a strong trade network that led to the spread and emergence of religions that contributed to the expansion of religions and contact between existing empires Catholic Church under “Cannon Law” seized Roman Empire.  For those who know history known as “Middle Ages”.  First part of “Middle Ages” referred to as “Dark Ages”.  Constantinople and Holy Roman Empire ties with Radical Islamic Jihad are irrefutable.

A Study in Absolute Catholic Power

Did  Catholic Church “Cannon Law” upon creation of  “heresy Laws”  give true Christianity the bad name in history?   It was “heresy laws” under Cannon Law which made the scenes for “Princess Bride” and the torture chambers.

 Interesting the alliances during this time period and seems “Hegelian Dialect” although not defined was implemented.  Chinese Military Philosopher Sun Tzu which most Modern Warfare or “Smart War” derived from had been in existence since before Christ.

ARE YOU ONE OF THE “GOYM”??  Due to conditioning/brainwashing of “Education Day” to “Noahide Laws” in 1991 many Christians are being deceived.  America has indeed lost her identity as a nation.   The Days of Noah and Lot mentioned in bible texts, what was society when God destroyed the world with water.  There exists an “Operation Enoch” which coincides with “Book of Enoch”.   Qubalah/Kabbalah, quest forbidden knowledge” from deities to bring “Messiah Essence” history in both Judaism and Islam.        Most recent rescue of Kurdish  Yezidis and their worship of    Tawsi Melek, the “Peacock Angel” and “Peacock King,”        

  Kabballah Jewish mysticism and Islamic  “The Zohar”   The symbols of Jewish Kabballah is “Tree of Life” while Islam’s Zohar is “Serpent”.    This mysticism will be the greatest deception as it grows and unites both Islam and Judaism as in days of Solomon and King Hiarm



While in recent years although mentioned during 1950 Communist Trials history is again rewritten as a conspiracy.  Science and History should be based upon truth of facts not theory. Summary whichever you believe a plot or antisemitism the parallels to events are astounding.

Was Zionism created by Rothschild’s “Illuminati”  and Cabal Elite to eliminate all governments and religions controlled by Noahide Laws?

Why would our education system controlled by U.N.E.S.C.O endorse “Queering in Education”??

Warning Will Robinson Warning!!  Impending Anomie “Destabilization” and Crisis.


Anomie Social Instability  in society is caused by the erosion or abandonment of moral and social codes.  

Has U.N. “Human Right” usurping out Constitutions foundation (LONANG) “Nature’s/Natural Law” progresses Global “Anomie”?


The Founders DID NOT establish the Constitution for the purpose of granting rights. Rather, they established this government of laws (not a government of men) in order to secure each person’s Creator­ endowed rights to life, liberty, and property.  Should Americans supporting Constitution rather than “Change” be looking to ‘State” and U.N. for their inalienable rights?  True facts of history and documents surrounding birth of this nation prove otherwise.  American Constitutional Rights were granted by “The Creator” using Blackstone’s Laws (LONANG)  Most  Law school graduates are not trained in Constitutional Law.

Sir Blackstone’s “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God primary source for Constitutional Law.   “The Holy Experiment” to establish a “Moral-Self-Governing” Society. The Bible being the ultimate source of morality for Christians they wrote biblical Laws into the Common Law to establish morality. In terms of Religion that was “Free Will” and choice to ensure that even Christianity would not become an “Established Religion”. This nation was not established upon ANY established religion. There are 2 warring for control in America. Education Day served it’s purpose. The minute we place a Established Religion in place of our Constitution that’s when we enter “The Dark Ages” according to Daniel Webster.

Founding Fathers established America’s laws upon “Ten Commandments not 7 laws of Noah (Noahide).   These laws do not apply to “ruling class”.    Imperative Americans protect our  “Identity” as a nation and (CoG) Center of Gravity.  


Ancient Assyrians conquered Israel circa 721 B.C.
Ancient Assyrians conquered Israel circa 721 B.C.

History of Israel’s destruction  in Isaiah 9 by  Ancient Assyrians  due to being lead into idolatry by King Solomon in I Kings 11.

The Romans included Judah in Palaestina, named after the Philistines, mortal enemies of the Jews, who lived in the coastal area. Almost seems impossible “Palaestina” unless a scholar of history.  However if one understands the Great Islamic Golden Age.  
Islamic influence on Hellenistic Age.
How does the history of “Palestina” named after “mortal enemies Philistines (Goliath) and Modern Zionist state and Hamas?  Hamas was also enemy of Israel
  • chamas (329b); a prim. root; to treat violently or wrong:—The first place the word hamas appears in the BIble is in Genesis 6:11 & 13. The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence (hamas) … And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before Me, for the earth is filled with violence (hamas) through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.
The Romans included Judah in Palaestina, named after the Philistines, mortal enemies of the Jews, who lived in the coastal area.
The Romans included Judah in Palaestina, named after the Philistines, mortal enemies of the Jews, who lived in the coastal area.
And they shall fall by the mouth of the sword and they shall be led captive to every region, and Jerusalem shall be trodden down by the Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles will be finished. Luke 21:24
Based upon Christianity and Jesus Christ and nothing to do with Judea which fell into idolatry like Israel and rather than repentance rose in Defiance.  Established religions are government and religion.  Although Founding Fathers created biblical laws into the common law they gave free will (Freedom of Religion) as God does.


James Wilson Christianty

Bill Ayers’ ‘gay’ agenda for your kids

Exclusive: Linda Harvey demands Obama explain plan for teaching ‘social justice’

“About eight years ago, while researching the astonishing rise of homosexual-positive programs and curricula in schools, I came across a book called “Queering Elementary Education: Advancing the Dialogue about Sexualities and Schooling” by William J. Letts IV and James T. Sears.

It’s a collection of essays by radicals in the teaching profession, who believe adults and small children must be taught to “think queerly.” The book’s foreword was written by Kevin Jennings, then president of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, or GLSEN, whose core mission is to convince as many troubled kids as possible to declare themselves homosexual and start “gay” clubs in their schools, assisted by activist on-site teachers and the ACLU, and unopposed by clueless school boards.” WND reports

Gay Promotion Proves Illuminati Are Real

The Illuminati goal is to redefine and manipulate human beings by taking away our family identity (husband, wife, sister, brother, father, son, mother, daughter.) The Illuminati Communist Manifesto (1848) listed the destruction of the family as one of its goals. Communist traitors are in power.   U.N. agencies promote the Illumaniti’s satanic agenda abortion, homosexuality and pedophilia. 

John Adams
John Adams address to MA Officers

Impending Anomie  does history repeat itself?  You make your own conclusions.

Is it a coincidence? Pincers Theory a.k.a. “Pinch” What do Phytons do? Pinch and Squeeze…

almost the same thing. The Pythia (pronounced /ˈpɪθiə/ or /ˈpaɪθiə/, Greek: Πυθία [pyːˈtʰi.a]), commonly known as the Oracle of Delphi, was the name of any priestess throughout the history of Temple of Apollo at Delphi, located on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, beneath the Castalian Spring (the new priestess was selected after the death of the current priestess). The Pythia was widely credited for her prophecies inspired by Apollo. The Delphic oracle was established in the 8th century BC,[1] although it may have been present in some form in Late Mycenaean times,[2] from 1400 BC and was abandoned, and there is evidence that Apollo took over the shrine from an earlier dedication to Gaia.[3] The last recorded response was given about 395 A.D.[verification needed] to Emperor Theodosius I, after he had ordered pagan temples to cease operation.

During this period the Delphic Oracle was the most prestigious and authoritative oracle among the Greeks. The oracle is one of the best-documented religious institutions of the classical Greeks. Authors who mention the oracle include Aeschylus, Aristotle, Clement of Alexandria, Diodorus, Diogenes, Euripides, Herodotus, Julian, Justin, Livy, Lucan, Ovid, Pausanias, Pindar, Plato, Plutarch, Sophocles, Strabo, Thucydides and Xenophon.

Plutrach was mentioned involved in Greece first known “Social-Engineering Experiment.

The name “Pythia” derived from Pytho, which in myth was the original name of Delphi. The Greeks derived this place-name from the verb, pythein (πύθειν, “to rot”), which refers to the decomposition of the body of the monstrous Python after she was slain by Apollo.[4] The usual theory has been that the Pythia delivered oracles in a frenzied state induced by vapors rising from a chasm in the rock, and that she spoke gibberish which priests interpreted as the enigmatic prophecies preserved in Greek literature.


“A pincer movement or “double envelopment” whereby the red force envelops the advancing blue force. The pincer movement or double envelopment is a basic element of military strategy which has been used, to some extent, in nearly every war. The flanks of the opponent are attacked simultaneously in a pinching motion after the opponent has advanced towards the center of an army which is responding by moving its outside forces to the enemy’s flanks, in order to surround it. At the same time, a second layer of pincers attacks on the more extreme flanks, so as to prevent any attempts to reinforce the target unit.   These military strategic attacks all part of “smart war” to take the country whole with direct attacks focused at (CoG).


The Delphi Technique was originally conceived as a way to obtain the opinion of experts without necessarily bringing them together face to face. In recent times, however, it has taken on an all new meaning and purpose. In Educating for the New World Order by B. Eakman, the reader finds reference upon reference for the need to preserve the illusion that there is “…lay, or community, participation (in the decision-making process), while lay citizens were, in fact, being squeezed out.” The Delphi Technique is the method being used to squeeze citizens out of the process, effecting a left-wing take over of the schools.”  “The Delphi Technique”  What is it?  PDF

The Delphi Technique — How to Disrupt It  Never let them see you sweat, stay calm, educate yourself and don’t be sucked into the Class Warfare.  Saul Alinsky, Cloward-Piven and The Delphi Technique.

“Proofs of a conspiracy against all the religions and governments of Europe : carried on in the secret meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati, and reading societies” (1798)

BY John Robinson PDF file from Scribd

Modern Summary by William Guy Carr author “Pawns in The Game”

          Apollo and Pythia at the Oracle of Delphi
Pythia“… It was here that the Olympian gods spoke to mortal men through the use of a priesthood, which interpreted the trance-induced utterances of the Pythoness or Pythia. She was a middle-aged woman who sat on a copper-and-gold tripod, or, much earlier, on the “rock of the sibyl” (medium), and crouched over a fire while inhaling the smoke of burning laurel leaves, barley, marijuana, and oil, until a sufficient intoxication for her prophecies had been produced.”

Is United Nations mission to create One World Government under Established Religion?

During Ancient Greece Empire the oracles of Delphi was said to receive oracles directly from  Apollo after breathing vapors said to create drugged state.

The Oracle at Delphi

The oracle at Delphi is a figure of great historical importance that was, and still is, shrouded in mystery.  She spoke for the god Apollo and answered questions for the Greeks and foreign inquirers about colonization, religion, and power.  By her statements Delphi was made a wealthy and powerful city-state.  The oracle was at the height of power around 1600 B.C. when Greece was colonizing the Mediterranean and Black Seas (Hale), but was stationed in Delphi from 1400 B.C. to 381 A.D.(Roach).  Despite her long tenure it is still debated today how she received the words from Apollo, weather by hallucination or suggestion.  “The Oracles of Delphi” gibberish after smelling the fumes while statesmen like Lycurgus and Plutrach supposedly  interrupted to citizens.

The Ploutonion at Hierapolis (Ancient Greek: Πλουτωνειον, lit “Place of Pluto”; Latin: Plutonium) or Pluto’s Gate was a ploutonion (a religious site dedicated to the god Pluto) in the ancient city of Hierapolis near Pamukkale in modern Turkey‘s Denizli Province. The site was discovered in 1965 by Italian archaeologists, who published reports on their excavations throughout the decade. In 2013, it was further explored by Italian archaeologists led by Francesco D’Andria, a professor of archaeology at the University of Salento.

Archaeologists Find a Classic Entrance to Hell
The gate to hell is paved with marble, not just good intentions.






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