State Dept. “Fixed” Religious Freedom in 1998?


Flashback: 1998 State Department Meeting Memo to fix Religious Freedom in Middle East.

They really fixed it, didn’t they?

While Reading this just remember how they have taken Religious Freedom away here by silent Encroachments.
The Embassy’s Political Counselor discussed religious freedom in a December 1998 meeting with a Ministry of Foreign Affairs official.

     In a December 13 meeting with the Vice Minister of Interior, the Consul General and human rights officer raised the issue of religious freedom.

In February 1999, the Secretary of State’s Special Representative for International Religious Freedom Robert Seiple visited the country and met with the Foreign Minister, the Chairman of the Majlis Al-Shura (Consultative Council), the Minister of Islamic Affairs, the Korean Ambassador, Philippine embassy officials, and leaders of Christian denominations. Religious freedom issues were discussed in each meeting.

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